Ligarti has a new baby - the Ligarti Blog!

Why a Ligarti blog you ask? As you all know, at Ligarti Tiermanufaktur we love pretty things, like Hanna's drawings. By putting these pretty drawings on all kinds of objects, you can bring a piece of art into your everyday life at almost any time and make it a little more lively - for others and for yourself. 
Behind each of Hanna's characters there is a story, an anecdote or simply an idea floating by, which is first formulated on paper and what we then take home with us on our mugs, art prints and notebooks. 


Sometimes these stories that our furry, feathery, and scaly friends grow with the times.


However, since we are not only aesthetes, but also, and above all, appreciate the living models of Hanna's artworks, a sustainable way of life is also very important to us. Since art and life and sustainability are inseparable for us and we always strive to do our part and learn new things in all possible areas of life and creativity, we would like to use the blog as a form of expression and an invitation to discourse about the beautiful and Doing good and all the little things that inspire us to do what we do.


So on this blog, we also want to include that piece of ours that doesn't fit on the front of a mug or a caption on Instagram.

All these things are part of Ligarti and what we want to bring to the world. As with everything we do, we are of course grateful for all constructive suggestions from you and look forward to gradually updating this blog with little stories, personal insights into our thinking and our work, as well as with all the topics that we otherwise so busy to give.


See you soon, 


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