Basically nobody knows.

One day he was just there. He sat in the boxwood and looked - long and hard. Nobody knew where he came from or what he wanted. But we got used to him quickly. He drinks a lot of coffee - and we have the feeling that he can watch even more intensively afterwards - and steals biscuits, but he doesn't talk to us for that either. We will probably never find out whether he was a secret agent in his previous life, or an ice cream seller, or a football commentator, whether he likes to ride roller coasters or what his zodiac sign is. We enjoy the silent agreement of coexistence and the infinite expanse of possibility that this little observer hides from us...


Did you know that the tarsier

* only grows to 9 to 16 cm?
*has the largest eyes of any mammal in relation to its body?
*his eyes are bigger than his brain?
*he can turn his head almost 180 degrees?

What do you think this little dry-nosed primate is hiding from us?